Icon Solutions Report

Posted by Daniel Thomson on December 19, 2015 in LondonNew Yorknews | 0 comments

The luxury residential development industry has become an increasingly exciting arena over the past decade as architectural and design standards have continued to break new ground.

Economic and business connectivity between the world’s key cities, combined with unprecedented levels of wealth creation across the developing world, has created global demand for the finest properties.

Icon Solutions has been at the forefront of this process, helping to share development skills and research, and forecasting the new markets and opportunities around the world.

Within our report we consider the developments that are influencing trends in design, facilities and services; highlighting London and New York, but casting an eye over the best from around the rest of the world.

We focus on the challenge faced by many developers who are looking to add value, and assess how the integrated approach of our teams, in locations like Mumbai, Dubai, Sydney, the Caribbean, Hong Kong and Madrid, adds real value to the developer’s decision making process.

The report also reviews key development hotspots in six leading cities, shares insight from Robert Lyle, the leading luxury lifestyle and branding expert, and Marc Kushner, an eminent New York-based architect.

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