Escrow Service For Construction Disbursement by Hamilton & Chase

Construction Disbursement Escrow is referred to as Fund Control Escrow or Joint Control Escrow. Construction Disbursement Escrow provides an orderly, documented, legal process for paying component portions of a construction project to parties who provide supervision, labor, subcontract work, and materials. A Construction Disbursement Escrow is a requirement of lenders, banks, and financial institutions. A Construction Disbursement Escrow is also a great choice for developers, owners, and others who desire an accurate and orderly distribution of loan and construction proceeds.

Why Hamilton & Chase?

  • We put our customers first
  • We are a premier fiduciary
  • We assign an individual escrow agent to handle your escrow account
  • Our goal is to keep your project on time, within budget, and lien free
  • We are the financial eyes and ears for your project status
  • We protect your banker and lender relationship
  • Our fee schedule maintains a competitive edge
  • Our staff has years of experience in banking, construction disbursement, and escrow

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