Inspection Services

Hamilton & Chase offers professional, comprehensive inspection services for your project. We have the ability to inspect your project throughout the construction timeline. We inpsect the job site and project prior to any fund disbursements. This ensures that the integrity of the job site is preserved, and work is being preformed. Our team of experienced inpsectors will provide the added assurance that the project is being completed on schedule. Our detailed reporting combined with digital photograhy will allow you evaluate each phase of construction.

Construction Lending is complex, and lenders need to know that the job is being completed with forward progress. To have the assurance that the job is moving forward as scheduled allows lenders to be more efficient, saving time and money. Hamilton & Chase takes the guess work out of construction lending!

Hamilton & Chase Inspection Services Include:
Project site inspections for requested disbursements
Digital photos for each phased inpsection and visual job verification
Email reply with photos to client for review
Email status reports from inspector with photos of the job

TAKE NOTICE: Hamilton Chase is part of the Chase Hamilton Financial Services Group PLC. And as independent financial advisors the group strives to provide pragmatic, impartial research and advice into the financial services world.