This review is in response to a flood of enquiries regarding Paramount Strategies Pte Ltd in Singapore. We nominated this Asian market leader purely for its insistence to deliver only the highest quality products to its clientele. Therefore to clarify, we have published below an independent review of their halo product. 

When Property Plus was launched in 2017 the event grabbed serious attention. Respected property gurus behind the project unveiled the highest security property based platform in the business. A knee jerk reaction to the current profit making promises by sales companies selling anything now a-days from a cigar to a sheep. 

 The GFC and COVID has presented the best repossessed real estate opportunities in modern times. And as the public return to the tried and tested real estate market where everyone feels safe. It perfect timing. Experienced and non-experienced investors alike have flocked to the fund.

How Safe ?

Property Plus has set the gold standard that lesser funded companies would shudder to follow. The parent company is certified by the UK’s Companies House as a 1GBP Limited Loss company. No regulators in Asia (outside of Australia) insist on LLC’s. The assets are secured in a trust that the investors control as Shareholding Subscribers. 

Investors accommodate a 3% RIET fee into their investment budget. This buys the expertise of an Administrator company that reports directly to the investors where together they control the funds exit based on a 200% growth factor from the repossessed price. Small price to pay for control considering the average Asian RIET fee is 11%. Of course, anyone that knows property law knows UK law is the most consumer protective. Lending a Delfy Corporate Risk Report for Fairoak Trusts’ parent company of a perfect 100 after 27 years of successful asset services.

How much ?

The initial private share offer has soared from $28,000 SGD to $58,800 SGD in its first five years. With its buy-in minimum now at  $588,000 SGD. While not even a deposit on a good private condo in the garden state of Singapore, its sufficient to have seen initial investors build $300,000 SGD in equity in the funds first 60 months. A 20.1% p.a. average growth. Far better than the funds minimum target of simply exceeding 8% yearly. And right there is the reason the fund has doubled.

How Come ?

Back door entry into the repossessed market is not easy to enter but for those that can it’s a winner every time. Buy low, sell high is the foundation of any money making strategy. 

 In return the administrative company collect rent from the public which is disbursed via the trust upon maturity. During the term agents are known to rent investor rights and are audited to be returning 4.3 to 9.2% p.a. While some wealth management and insurance companies have access to Property Plus, Paramount Strategies Pte Ltd in the Republic of Singapore remains the main Asian marketer whom itself is no stranger to global markets. With commercial, branded property investments listed on the New York stock exchange returning 8% p.a. and a buy back scheme. They too certainly command respect.

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